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The 4th China-U.S. Student Conference

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What Is the China-America Student Conference?

Established in 2019, the China-America Student Conference (ChASC) is a two to three-week academic and cultural exchange program that brings together university students from China and the United States who are interested in international political and economic situations. Its aim is to initiate and promote informal, non-governmental public discussions targeting key issues in the bilateral relationship and areas for deepening cooperation.

This project is driven and promoted by a group of young people with the ideal of making diplomatic contributions, striving to facilitate candid dialogues among emerging young leaders from both countries. Past successful conference experiences have demonstrated that we are building a friendship bridge between China and the United States that spans the Pacific Ocean, witnessing countless inspiring gatherings.

Inheriting and preserving the spirit of the Japan-America Student Conference (JASC), which has spanned 89 years since 1934, ChASC believes that through promoting international student exchanges, we can foster friendship, mutual trust, and deeper understanding. By inspiring the next generation of U.S.-Asia leaders to boldly engage in cooperative dialogue, we continue to contribute a valuable source of vitality to world peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region.

Throughout the conference, ChASC delegates engage in academic and cultural programming, deepening their understanding of key bilateral relations issues. They conduct peer-reviewed research and engage in people-to-people diplomacy to learn about each other’s countries and cultures. As a result of this intensive program, participants emerge with a enriched understanding of the topics and a strengthened international perspective.




沿袭并保留着日美学生会议 (JASC) 于1934年横跨89年的会议精神,ChASC相信,通过促进国际学生交流,我们得以推动友谊构建、信任互换和深入理解;通过鼓舞下一代美亚领袖大胆参与合作对话,我们持续为世界和平、亚太稳定贡献宝贵的活力源泉。


From Reflection to Connection: Lessons From the Past, Visions For the Future

从反思到联结: 回溯过去,展望未来

June 3rd-15th, 2024 | Chicago, Illinois and Washington, D.C.

Reflecting on Shared Histories

The 4th China-America Student Conference (ChASC4) invites participants to embark on a journey that begins with deep reflection on the shared histories of the United States and China. Delegates will explore the historical context, diplomatic milestones, and cultural exchanges that have shaped the complex tapestry of the US-China relationship. This comprehensive understanding of the past equips future leaders with the insights needed to navigate the relationship’s complexities and implications.

Connecting the Dots to Today

Understanding the past is merely the first step. The past continually informs the present, and ChASC4 encourages participants to apply their knowledge and experiences to the current context. By forging connections between people, delegates will bridge theory with real-world practice, enhancing the dynamics of today’s U.S.-China relations. 

Nurturing a Harmonious Tomorrow

ChASC4 emphasizes trust-building, mutual understanding, and the cultivation of innovative solutions in order to strengthen the U.S.-China relationship. Delegates will not only address contemporary challenges and issues, but those at the forefront of the geopolitical landscape. This transformative experience allows delegates to learn from history, discover common ground, and pave a path toward a brighter, more harmonious future. 







Some examples of conference programming (from ChASC3):

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