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Board of Directors

Ambassador Kurt Tong, JASC 1984 & 1985
Partner at The Asia Group
Retired, U.S. State Department

Mr. Robin Berrington
Retired, U.S. State Department

Mr. William T. Breer
Retired, U.S. State Department and Center for Strategic and International Studies

Ms. Ashley Lam, JASC 2004 & 2005
Former JASC Program Manager
U.S. Government Attorney

Mr. Keith Luse
Executive Director
The National Committee on North Korea

Ms. Emma Chanlett-Avery, JASC 1996 & 1997
Specialist in Asian Affairs
Congressional Research Service

Mr. Chadwick Eason
Founder of NABEA
Senior Consultant at Deloitte

Mr. Wright Hunter McDonald, JASC 2004 & 2005
Korea Country Manager & Investment Specialist
Shizen Energy

Ms. Robbi Marmur, JASC 1995
Vice President
Morgan Stanley

Ms. Elizabeth W.C. Poon, JASC 1992
Country Life

Mr. Andrew Seaborg, JASC 1992 & 1993
Assistant Portfolio Manager
Lincoln Financial Group

Ms. Nancy Silverman, JASC 1997 & 1998
Underwriting Manager
Houston Casualty Company

Mr. Gregory Caimi, JASC 1996 & 1997
Bain & Company