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National Advisory Committees

The Korea-America Student Conference (KASC) and Japan-America Student Conference (JASC) have National Advisory Committees (NACs) consisting of professors at institutions of higher education throughout the United States. The U.S. Ambassadors to Korea and Japan are also members, as are the Ambassador of Japan and Ambassador of Korea to the United States.

NAC members play an important role in supporting KASC and JASC. They encourage students to apply, help obtain scholarship support, promote the programs, and advise and support American Executive Committee members from their own or nearby universities.

Universities of NAC members are encouraged to host JASC and KASC during years when Conferences take place in the U.S. or for the American Orientation. This role could involve seeking financial support and speaking with Student Delegates at the Conferences.


Linda Butcher
Former ISC Executive Director
Council of Korean Americans

Nobuko Saito Cleary
Cross Cultural Communications

Martin C. Collcutt
Princeton University

Sean Connell
U.S. Congress

Gary DeCoker

Norma M. Field
University of Chicago

William W. Kelly
Yale University

Margaret A. McKean
Duke University

Susan Napier
Tufts University

Hiroshi Nara
University of Pittsburgh

Joshua Schlachet, JASC 2007 & 2008
University of Arizona

T.J. Pempel
University of California, Berkeley

Kenneth B. Pyle
University of Washington

Apichai W. Shipper
Georgetown University

Mireya Solis
American University

William M. Tsutsui
Hendrix College

Patricia J. Wetzel
Portland State University

John Whitman
Cornell University


Linda Butcher
Former ISC Executive Director
Council of Korean Americans

Victor Cha
Georgetown University

Sean Connell
U.S. Congress

Bruce Cumings
University of Chicago

Gordon Flake
Perth USAsia Centre

Jenna Gibson
The University of Chicago

Louis Goodman
American University

Sarah Henriet
수 de Vie

Amb. Thomas Hubbard
McLarty & Associates

Kirk Larsen
Brigham Young University

Gi-Wook Shin
Stanford University

Scott Snyder
Council on Foreign Relations

Troy Stangarone
Korea Economic Institute of America

Hye-Sook Wang
Brown University

Meredith Woo
University of Virginia

Andrew Yeo
Catholic University of America

Dafna Zur
Stanford University

Stephanie K. Kim
Georgetown University