Korea-America Student Conference

The Korea-America Student Conference (KASC) is a student-led, academic and cultural exchange program launched in 2008 to build closer ties between young leaders in both countries. Each year, an equal number of students from the US and South Korea are competitively selected to spend one summer month together, studying and analyzing US-South Korea relations while visiting four diverse regions in the host countries. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, KASC began visiting both countries starting in 2018.

There are many ways to learn about Korea. However, there are hardly any opportunities to deeply interact with students, freely discuss contentious issues, and build lifelong relations with Korean and American students—KASC is one of these and a category of its own.

John Kim
3rd KASC alumnus

KASC is relatively new, but the bilateral relationship runs deep. By exploring this relationship on multiple levels (politics, economics, culture, media, and more), students will gain knowledge and confidence to discuss, debate, and co-create bilateral and international relations.

A unique feature of KASC is that an Executive Committee of students organize each Conference, working together across the Pacific throughout the academic year. They also host Roundtables during the Conference, discussing critical issues outside the traditional classroom setting with other students from across the globe.

These experiences provide a foundation for cultural sensitivity and global awareness -- and a forum for the open exchange of ideas. More importantly, the intense experience of living and working together encourages mutual appreciation among delegates, promoting lasting friendships that will further strengthen ties between the US and Korea.

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