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17th KASC Information Sessions

▶ Info Session Dates

  • Session 1: November 14, 2023 8PM ET // November 15, 2023 10AM KST; English language
  • Session 2: November 25, 2023 5PM KST // November 25, 2023 3AM ET; Korean language
  • Session 3: December 5th, 2023 7PM ET // December 6th, 2023 9AM KST; English language

All information session registration will take place through a Google Form, where you may register for a free ticket. On the day of the session, you will receive an email with more instructions on how to access the session, which will take place on Zoom.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to us at or visit the FAQ.