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Alumni Testimonials

Japan-America Student Conference

Former US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, was a Delegate with JASC in 1951

“JASC definitely allowed me to formulate friendships that I know I will keep, even if they’re not terribly close, I find myself people I can still depend on at any time. Personally, it was nice to meet people not just from Japan but from different areas around the United States as well, allowing me to expand my friendships with people. Academically, I learned quite a bit from the conference, on both US and Japan domestic and international issues, and US-Japan relations. Professionally, I was allowed to meet individuals of various ranks and develop a nice network of people who I know I might be able to contact in times of recommendations/advice.”

JASC 74 Delegate

“I learned to socialize in a deeply meaningful way, and with greater sensitivity to others’ perspectives and needs. This learning has been part of a personal change that I’ve tried to foster since graduating from college, at the urging of a close friend. However, I think it’s also the inevitable result of living, working, and communicating with people whom I’d never met, whom I could communicate with on various levels depending upon our familiarities with different languages, and whose cultural nuances I needed to learn about more explicitly in order to facilitate connection that wasn’t compromised by my own ignorance. More than anything, JASC has been an exercise in connecting with others, and in connecting with myself to become the kind of person that I want to be.”

JASC 74 Delegate

“I do think that JASC has elevated me professionally and taking me to a higher level than I was previously in professionalism. I think the conversations with the other JASCers were the most personally impactful moments of the whole conference. The personal impact JASC had on me is certainly very hard to definitely state, but I would best describe it as a deepening of understanding and connecting with people. I felt the change of some perspectives I had, I really feel like bonding can come from the strangest things.”

JASC 74 Delegate

Korea-America Student Conference

Before KASC, I’d never found a community that was so encouraging, open, supportive, and equally engaged in similar pursuits.

— Kristen Bernhardt, KASC 13 Delegate & KASC 14 Marketing Chair

My experience with KASC has allowed me to create lasting friendships with people from all over the world. The emphasis KASC places on cultural exchange has allowed me to form meaningful bonds with my peers in South Korea. Through KASC, I have been able to learn about South Korea beyond the narrative of the country often presented in the Western media. Furthermore, I have been able to share the information I have learned from participating in KASC with friends, family, classmates, and co-workers. I know I will always look back on my experience with KASC with very fond memories. I hope every student, American or Korean, can have the opportunity to participate in such a profoundly impactful conference like KASC.

Emily Krmpotich, KASC 12 Delegate & KASC 13 Executive Committee Member

KASC was a life-changing opportunity for me! I cannot tell you how much I learned from my journey along with KASC. I loved all the discussions and personal interactions between [delegates] . . . KASC provides such unique friendships that you cannot easily find elsewhere.

— Yebon Jeon, KASC 12 Delegate & KASC 13 Korean Chair

China-America Student Conference

“[ChASC] has taught me to share more openly, confidently, and warmly, while embracing and treasuring the opportunities weeklong bonding could bring with strangers from around the world! As long as heart and mind are put into words and actions, its ripple effects can be felt around the world.” 

  • ChASC 2 Delegate

“I believe the interpersonal relationships I formed through ChASC provided a space for personal growth, education, and debate. As a cohort, we were able to exchange ideas on the complex topic of China-U.S. relations. This experience was fundamental to building my own knowledge on international peace-building.The guest speaker events provided a lot of insight, but I greatly enjoyed writing my research paper as it provided a space for me to apply everything I was learning during the conference.”

  • Elijah Weaver, ChASC 2 Delegate

“My favorite [part] was getting to interact with other members. It was so insightful, I got to see how others thought, and reflect on how I thought, so I can approach the world in a more holistic and open-minded way.”

  • ChASC 2 Delegate