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Seoul, South Korea

The capital city of South Korea, Seoul is a dynamic city that is unique in its seamless blending of historical traditions and modern technologies. As one of the world’s “most wired” cities, the capital of South Korea has overcome remarkable adversity over the past century, advancing at an unparalleled rate to become the world’s 4th largest metropolitan economy today. It Is home to major landmarks such as Lotte World and the World Trade Tower, one of the country’s tallest buildings. The city of Seoul has over one hundred museums to enjoy, including the National Museum of Korea where delegates can learn about Korea’s rich history. As for modern arts, Seoul is a hub of pop culture, known worldwide for exports like video games, Korean dramas, and Kpop.

Although the city is technologically advanced, it is not without its natural appeal. Located along the Han River, delegates can enjoy scenic pedestrian walkways, bicycle paths, public parks, and restaurants. Seoul is framed by seven astonishing mountains, of which the greatest is Bugaksan Mountain. Located north of Gyeongbokgung Palace and the Blue House, Bugaksan is sometimes called the “lungs of Seoul” for the role it plays in cleaning the air of the city. Delegates can enjoy a casual weekend hiking to the mountain’s peak to catch a superb bird’s-eye view of Seoul. Additionally, the city of Seoul has 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Changdeok Palace, Hwaseong Fortress, and the Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty. With both modern and traditional influences, Seoul is the perfect location for our delegates to explore the heart of South Korea.