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15th KASC Sites


Due to uncertainty still expereience with the COVID 19 pandemic, the 15th KASC was held virtually from July 11, 2022 to August 4, 2022, MON-THU @8-11PM EST and TUE-FRI @9AM-12PM KST.

During the virtual conference, delegates are expected to actively work with their Roundtable (RT) Groups to select a more specific, researchable subject from the broad RT topics.The assigned RT Leaders ECs will help the meeting proceed, but the delegation will take action on the fundamental decisions and progress of the work. In addition to the time during the allocated conference, RT group members can freely share their opinions through messages or video meetings.

The Final Forum will be held on the last day of the conference. The presentation can be made in a free format depending on the RT group. RT Group can make a presentation what they discuss about with the RT members and what they organized based on the research.