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JASC 74 (2022)

Fortify: Constructive Exchange to Undertake Challenges


Global Governance; Taboo; Social Justice & Cultural Identity; Future Predictions; Education & Media; Business; Technology & Heritage


New York

Washington, DC

Annapolis, MD

74th JASC Summary

The 74th Japan-America Student Conference (JASC) convened in person in New York, Washington DC, and Annapolis from August 4 to August 26. The sites provided unique opportunities for the delegation to hear from academic and business leaders on a variety of topics, and visit sites unique to each conference location. In New York, the 61 Japanese and American delegates focused on diversity issues and how they are handled in each culture and society. In Washington, they embraced decision-making and focused on the shaping of domestic policy and international diplomacy, and how students can make their voices heard and build relationships that surmount international and societal barriers. In Annapolis, they explored the sources of dynamism of the United States, visiting the Naval Academy and meeting with cadets to explore a remarkable range of issues including drug legislation, racism, poverty, and the Ainu in Japan. Throughout the conference, participants formed lasting relationships, questioned and considered established beliefs, and learned the perspectives of those from another country.

JASC culminated with the annual Final Forum, which traditionally serves as a capstone for the conference where delegates present to a group of distinguished guests and alumni on the conversations they have had and the research they have performed during the conference. The final forum received coverage by NHK.

News, photos & updates

74th JASC Research Zine