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History of KASC

  • 1934: Concerned by deteriorating relations between their governments, a small group of Japanese students initiated the first JASC to promote mutual understanding.
  • 2007: International Student Conferences is created and KASC is launched.
  • 2008: KASC 1 convened at The George Washington University, Brown University, the University of Tennessee and the University of California, Berkeley.
  • 2009: KASC 2 convened at Korea University, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Jeju National University and Pukyong National University.
  • 2010: KASC 3 convened at American University, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Michigan and Stanford University.
  • 2011: KASC 4 convened at Pukyong University, Jeju National University, Chonnam University and Ewha Womens University.
  • 2012: KASC 5 convened at University of Southern California, American University, Trine University, and University of Missouri.
  • 2013: KASC 6 convened at Handong Global University, Yonsei University, KAIST, and Jeju National University.
  • 2014: KASC 7 convened at Kangwon National University, Yonsei University, Jeju National University, and Busan University of Foreign Studies.
  • 2015: KASC 8 convened at Sacramento State University, Trine University, University of Pennsylvania, and American University.
  • 2016: KASC 9 convened at Jeju National University, Busan University of Foreign Studies, and
  • Duksung Women’s University.
  • 2017: KASC 10 convened at Catholic University of America, South Methodist University and Cal State East Bay.
  • 2018: KASC 11 launched a new “two country model”, allowing delegates to travel to sites in the U.S. and South Korea over the course of the Conference. The KASC 11 delegation convened at University of Montana, University of Washington, Busan University of Foreign Studies, and Myongji University.
  • 2019: KASC 12 continues the two-country model for the second consecutive year, bringing its student-led delegation to Mason Korea at the Incheon Global Campus and Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA.