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ChASC 2023 Applications

The China-American Student Conference, or ChASC, has been in operation for almost three years now helping students across the US and China better understand their neighbor across the sea. The United States and China have had diplomatic relations since 1979, and ChASC seeks to help equip students with the tools necessary to continue to facilitate the US-China relationship and strengthen its foundation with the spirit of cooperation and advancement.

ChASC is a part of International Student Conferences (ISC) which dates back to 1934 and the establishment of  the first Japan-America Student Conference (JASC). Created in the midst of deteriorating US-Japan relations, JASC provided students from both countries with an opportunity for in-depth discussions about timely issues and building mutual understanding. ChASC hopes to continue this monumental task in light of growing tensions between the United States and China.

Here at ChASC, we wish to provide students with a safe environment to ask questions, debate, learn and grow. We aim to cover everything from politics to culture and history and hope to see students from China and the US work together to better understand subjects that they might otherwise not have the opportunity to learn about. It is a once-in a lifetime opportunity, a chance to meet with people your age and discuss the issues relevant to your generation and foster friendships to build a stronger future.

ChASC 2023: Building friendships, ensuring the future

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China-America Student Conference Application Guide