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Sangwoo Kim

14th KASC Korean Chair
KC University

My name is Sangwoo Kim. I'm currently majoring in social welfare. I currently have an interest in American culture due to The Good Place, which is one famous TV show on Netflix. Because of this, I was eager to go to America and meet many friends coming from America.

My professor recommended that I apply for KASC 13. She mentioned that it would be a great opportunity to achieve my dream and gain new experiences. That's why I participated in KASC 13 this summer, the conference that has given me a great experience. I was elected to the position of Korean Chair of KASC 14 and I’m working with my fellow ECs to plan the upcoming 14th conference. It was an honor for me to participate in KASC, and I can't wait to see the new KASC 14 delegation in 2021!