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Yebon Jeon

13th KASC Korean Chair
Jeju National University

Greetings, everyone! My name is Yebon Jeon, and I am the Korean Chair for the 13th KASC Executive Committee. I am currently a senior studying biotechnology at Jeju National University in the Republic of Korea. I spent my childhood in Sao Paulo, Brazil, then moved back to Korea and settled in Jeju Island. Since then, I have participated in the “Alumni-Youth Leadership Project” (AYLP), a program directed by the U.S. Embassy in Seoul for Korean high school students to develop leadership skills and network with Fulbright English Teaching Assistants. Through this program, my interest in the US-ROK relationship started to grow.

I first came to hear about KASC through my college website while I was looking for potential summer plans. I loved the idea of KASC, and my curiosity encouraged me to apply. When I applied, I was an exchange student at Seoul National University, and the application fee for KASC was over 70% of my entire budget, at the time. A series of miracles allowed me to apply for, prepare for, and participate in KASC 12 and I can confidently say that it was a worthwhile experience where I had the chance to find my own path. This is why I decided to be a part of the Executive Committee for KASC 13. I want to see more KASC delegates challenging and finding lifelong friendships in KASC, just as I did. I cannot wait to see you, KASC 13 delegates!