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Donghyeon Nam

13th KASC Korean Vice Chair
Soongsil University

Hi, my name is Donghyeon Nam and I am the Korean Vice Chair for KASC 13’s Executive Committee. I study English language and literature at Soongsil University in Seoul, Republic of Korea. For me, this conference was a wonderful experience because it was my first time interacting with a different culture and country. I learned a lot about the culture, society, and education of both the U.S. and Korea. Through this conference, I was able to widen my perspectives. Meeting other people who have lived experiencing different cultures has had a more powerful influence on me than I expected. I learned a great deal from the other delegates during KASC 12 and this is why I chose to be a part of KASC 13’s Executive Committee.

A significant part of KASC was attending a variety of workshops and lectures. The speaker expressed his or her own ideas, knowledge, and opinions. One of the biggest merits of these lectures was that after listening to the speaker, I was able to share my own ideas with the speaker and the other delegates. I often learned more from the discussions I had with my fellow delegates after the lecture, than from the speaker him/herself. This is why I believe that the delegates are the most important members of this conference. This conference is for students, made by students. During KASC 12, I made the KASC my conference, and now it’s your turn! I look forward to learning and discussing with you in KASC 13