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Hongkyeong Kim

Chair, Korean Executive Committee
Ewha Womans University

Hongkyeong Kim

Hello fellow KASCers! My name is Hongkyeong Kim and I am the Chair of the 11th KASC Korean Executive Committee, as well as one of the leaders of the “International Relations: Now and Future of the United States-Republic of Korea Alliance” Roundtable. I am a senior and currently studying Business and Political Science at Ewha Womans University. I am a person who likes traveling, talking with others, listening to music, learning, and experiencing diverse things in the world. Thus, I have traveled to 16 countries, participate in English debating, and have even competed in international debate tournaments. These days, I am interested in international relations and how it affects the domestic economy.

Anyways, instead of writing about myself, I will introduce my experience at 10th KASC. Before I started my first day in Washington, D.C., I did not expect it would be such a valuable memory and to meet such awesome friends. Since I applied to 10th KASC when I was in Finland as an exchange student, I didn't have much information about it. However, visiting think tanks and NASA, hearing fabulous speeches from lecturers, and also all the free time brightened my summer of 2017. The reason why I became an EC to support the next 11th KASC is because the experiences and emotions I received from this KASC had such an impact.

I will try my best to help make 11th KASCers also feel the same way that I did. This amazing student-led conference will help you become a future leader and communicate with other future leaders from diverse backgrounds. I and the other ECs are really looking forward to meeting you all! Please join and have a wonderful experience with us!