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Entrepreneurship: Creating Opportunities through Innovative Thinking

Roundtable leaders: Sunho Kwon and Tallie Vang

Entrepreneurship is a key driver of the economy for both US and Republic of Korea. According to the study done by Kauffman Foundation, A majority of jobs are created in the US are created from small businesses that are started by entrepreneurially minded individuals and grow into bigger businesses as our society continues to bloom. Entrepreneurs, either individual or team, manifest their willingness and ability to create new opportunities on a local, national, and global scale. Even though South Korea is actually becoming an innovation-friendly country with a growing startup scene, South Korea still needs to figure out how to set up a creative environment to end its reliance on its unique business conglomerate structure, commonly known as chaebol. The Business and Entrepreneurship Roundtable will analyze the latest successful business models of startups and some corporates that have successfully managed to maintain their entrepreneurship environment in the US, examine case studies on the importance of developing innovative strategies in the current economy, and propose possible ways to establish a creative and adaptable business environment in South Korea.

Education: Effect of Education Systems on Students in Society

Roundtable leaders: Jihea Choi and Kianna McKenzie

There are various education systems around the world but what makes an effective education system? Some education systems focus on nurturing creativity and other systems focus on being successful within society. The balance that is important to have when trying to positively impact students is something that various education systems lack and this may impact the students negatively. In this roundtable, we will examine education systems throughout the world and explore how education affects how students function as members of society. We will then discuss and find a solution to what would make a good education system and what changes could be applied to the education systems in both the United States and the Republic of Korea that will positively affect the student's role in society.

Advanced Technology and Science: Identifying New Prospects in Our Technology

Roundtable leaders: Johnathan Nguyen

In the 21st century, there have been numerous advances in technology and science. Many new inventions and devices are arriving into the market making difficult tasks easier, yet also introducing more complexity into the role of the government. On one hand, government tries to support technological advancements by investing in research and supporting advances in new science phenomenon. On the other hand, the government is responsible for releasing new regulations and policies to protect consumers in areas such as the environment and human sciences, E-security, and gas emissions. In this roundtable, we will discuss social issues in science and technology such as cyber security, sustainability, biotechnology as well as new science prospects. We will examine these issues, analyze the current situation, and find new areas where the United States and the Republic of Korea where the two countries can cooperate to resolve global issues related to new aspects of science as well as technology.

International Relations: The Shifting Northeast Asia Power Structure

Roundtable leaders: Kara Dischinger and Yunsoo Kim

The United States of America and The Republic of Korea have grown closer in the past decade through a changing world political economy and stronger economic ties between both nations. The political atmosphere in East Asia has largely affected economic partnerships both in the region and around the world. Considering China and South Korea are the top two emerging markets in the world, their political decisions have a great effect on the world economy. The importance of trade in the region has created a greater alliance between the USA and other nations in East Asia, but it has also complicated relationships. The growth of Asia has complicated politics between the United States and the Republic of Korea.( The creation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank by China has strained relations between the USA who oppose the idea, but treaties like the Trans Pacific Partnership and ROK-USA Free Trade Agreement create many opportunities for global partnership.) Our roundtable will focus on how the political economy has created changes in power structure, and try to find the best way or attitude that we should have as young leaders.