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Yunsoo Kim

Sogang University
Recruitment Chair, Korean Executive Committee

Hello 9th KASCers! I can’t explain how excited I am to finally meet all of you, delegates of 9th Korea-America Student Conference! My name is Yunsoo Emilie Kim and I am recruitment chair of 9th KASC. I am born and raised in Seoul, have always loved traveling and experiencing new things. I am currently(17,Sep) studying in Nanyang Technological University Business school, Singapore, as an exchange student, which is my 2nd exchange experience. I did my first exchange this(2015) Spring, in Lancaster University, United Kingdom. In between, I was in US, participating 8th KASC!

This year changed many things about me. Now I can say that my values, perspectives toward life, priorities are lot more concrete than before. KASC made me grow up in many ways, I believe. I learned how to be professional even in my private sector of my life. I internalized my understanding abilities, through conversations and interactions with my fellow 8th KASCers. I developed myself to quickly adapt to shifting plans and environment. I learned how to work in groups, improving the result and at the same time coping with internal problems. During KASC, I confronted challenging situations all the time, often in unexpected moments, which is how I could grow in many aspects in short time. I am certain that you will learn what you need most at the moment if you join 9th KASC! Fingers crossed for all the applicants! See you soon!