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Jeongbin Lee

Seoul National University of Science and Technology
Vice Chair, Korean Executive Committee

My name is Jeongbin Lee(Lisa), and I am the Vice Chair of the Korean Executive Committee, and also the leader of the Communication and Culture roundtable of the 7th KASC. I am a Junior at Seoul National University of Science and Technology in Seoul, Korea, double majoring in Public Administration, especially IT Policy, and Fine Arts. I love to meet various types of people, because I can see new world from them. I believe that all people who live in the earth have their own world, their own life stories, interest, passion, etc. That’s why I really like to share each personal world and thoughts with many people who I meet. In that sense, The 6th KASC was awesome to me. I partook in many conferences for meeting diverse people before I joined KASC, but the most conferences had short duration, a day or a week. For that reason, it was hard for me to get to know other participants and make intimate ties with them. However, KASC is month-long program. I met about 50 different people both Korean and American, and spend a month with the KASCers. We discussed roundtable topics, experienced cultural programs and listened lectures together. After the month, I felt that I grew up a bit through KASC by trying to overcome myself. I got used to control myself than before and I also learned how to get out of my own comfort zone. At the end of the 6th KASC, I couldn’t help falling in love with KASC that made me better than before. Therefore, It’s my great honor to be an Executive Committee (EC) member of Lucky number “7th“ KASC. I am able to make a promise that 7TH KASC will give delegates a never-to-be-forgotten month, July 2014. Hope all next KASCers experience realize the powers latent within you guys through this conference. MEET YOURSELF IN KASC!