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Dong Lee

Kyungpook National University
Recruitment, Korean Executive Committee

Hello KASCers! I am Dong lee and the recruitment officer of the 7th KASC. I am currently majoring in English Language Education in Kyungpook National University in Daegu. I am really happy and excited to be a part of the 7th KASC. A month long conference of Korea-America Student Conference was definitely a turning point in my life. Numerous lectures that I took during KASC enlightened and helped me broaden my perspective. We had the wonderful chance to meet prestigious lecturers from various fields including politics, arts, human rights, and business. Also through KASC, we visited places that are difficult or even impossible to go as an individual. Last but not least the life-long friendship between the members of KASC is priceless. The things you can gain from KASC that I mentioned about are only the tip of the iceberg. Future KASCers, I can assure you that you will never regret becoming a member of KASC!.