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Hyehee Kang

Jeju National University
Treasurer, Korean Executive Committee

Hello, KASCers! My name is Hyehee Kang. I am currently a sophomore at Jeju National University in Jeju, Korea. I am glad to join 7th KASC as a member of Executive Committee and the leader of Global Human Rights Roundtable. This summer with 6th KASCers is one of the best summers that I’ve ever had. I genuinely enjoyed the whole month with exciting, inspiring and unforgettable experiences. I not only gained broaden knowledge from Roundtable discussions and even small talks with other delegates, but also had time to get know about myself. It is such a life-changing opportunity to meet amazing people who have different backgrounds and perspectives and to draw your potential. I can make sure that you will be inspired by everything from KASC every single moment during the conference. Also, the memories would change your life into totally different one. If you want to make your summer the best, come join KASC! I look forward meeting you next summer.