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Jongwoon Simon Han

University of Central Oklahoma
Treasurer, American Executive Committee

My name is Jongwoon Han and I am the Treasurer of the American Executive Committee (AEC). I am also the leader for the Politics Roundtable (RT) for the 7th KASC. I am a Korean transfer student from Busan University of Foreign Studies. My major was English back then, but I decided to take it to the next level and study abroad through Global Dual Degree Program. Currently, I am a Political Science major and Global Studies minor.
The 6th KASC was an eye-opening experience in terms of various activities: through KASC, I was able to meet a lot of interesting and enthusiastic students, professors, specialists, artists, and CEOs. Not only did I learn a lot from studying and researching together with student delegates and having candid discussions through RT times, but was I also able to build incredible friendships with them. By visiting many distinct regions of South Korea, I could witness many dynamic aspects of my country, which I did not have a chance to do so before. I really wanted to participate in the KASC one more time as an Executive Committee, which is why I ran for the AEC. I want to help next year’s student delegates experience things I did before, and be ready to become global leaders with a great awareness of the global issues. Apply for the 7th KASC! I will be anxiously waiting for you guys!