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Robert Devico

American University
Secretary, American Executive Committee

My name is Robert DeVico, and I am the Secretary of the American Executive Committee and one of the leaders of the Culture and Communication Roundtable. I grew up in Edison, New Jersey, and am a sophomore majoring in International Relations with a concentration in Korean and East Asian Studies at American University. In my free time, I read, write, and explore various types of media. As a part of the 6th KASC International Development Roundtable, I had a great opportunity to explore topics relevant to my major, but as a leader of the Communication and Culture Roundtable, I'm excited to have an opportunity to be exposed to so many new cultures and perspectives. I encourage delegates from all backgrounds to apply to KASC, even if they might not be directly related to Korea. 7th KASC is going to be a wonderful experience for everyone involved, so don't miss out!