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Paul Yarabe

Harvard University

“I joined JASC as a science student looking to take a break from the research lab and explore the role of science and technology in society. Joining the environment and technology roundtable, I made new friends from a variety of academic backgrounds and preferences for approaching the issue of environmental sustainability. While patiently listening to my fellow roundtable members and encouraging them to freely offer their perspectives, I began to cherish my role as the facilitator of our discussions. Through feedback from my roundtable peers and other JASCers, I began to develop my skills in leadership and human-to-human relationships and became determined to use these skills to enrich the experience of the next year’s delegates. After being elected Chair of the American Executive Committee (AEC), I sought to work closely with members of the AEC and Japanese Executive Committee (JEC) to plan next year’s conference. Being student-run, JASC was a perfect opportunity to learn how to conceive and execute ideas (such as planning a forum on increasing the attractiveness of disaster-devastated Iwate), and to gain experience working with a team on a multinational project involving the US, Japan, and South Korea. My JASC experience showed me first-hand the importance of leadership and discovering your passion and was a major factor in my decision to pursue an MBA at the Harvard Business School and to spend the intervening years working in Tokyo.”

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