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Ryota Sekine

University of Chicago

“For me, JASC is about learning to share, to be vulnerable and to compromise. Putting a group of 36 young folks from one culture with a group of 36 from another in close quarters almost always results in awkward moments and conflicts. For example, each one of us had varying views on how roundtable discussions ought to be handled – either asking more questions after questions, or deriving an answer. The beauty of JASC is that we had nearly one month to reconcile our differences. By allowing myself to be accepting of my own vulnerabilities as well as those of fellow JASCers, I came out of the conference with a better awareness of my own personality and team-playing capabilities.

There is a saying: ‘JASC doesn’t end with the Final Forum’. Indeed, I have kept in touch with fellow 65th JASCers, and have built new relationships with JASCers from past delegations. People in the JASC network have helped me refine my mission, ideologies and professional objectives. They have provided me with resources to turn roundtable discussions into concrete action that could empower more. JASCers help each other, and I commit to taking this principle everywhere I go."

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