Japan-America Student Conference

JASCers' Voices

Visit the JASCers' Voices page to read quotes from historical and recent alumni of the program.

Daily Schedule

To get an idea of what goes on during a week of JASC here is an excerpt from a weekly schedule for JASC 63, held in Japan during the summer of 2011.

This is an example from a week of JASC 64, held in the U.S during the summer of 2012.

Stay up to date on all things JASC

The JASC Blog provides updates on the conference and conference-related activity year round. It also serves as a live feed during the conference, providing pictures and information about major events.

For those who can read Japanese, the Japanese Student Executive Committee also maintains a blog that serves as a constant stream of information about the conference. This can be found on the JASC Japan Website.