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Dylan Adelman

Skidmore College

“To be honest, I went to JASC as an introvert desperately attempting to be an extrovert. I was determined though, and arrived at the conference ready to be on my social A-game. However, upon arriving in SFO, I realized how little that was required. I have never in my life met a group of people so accepting, patient, and excited to bring about change in the world. I came into JASC with a few goals floating in the back of my head. I wanted to piece together the bits of knowledge I had about Japan-America relations and do some soul-searching along the way, as some emotional baggage is what brought me to my interest in Japan from the start. What I got from the wonderful American and Japanese students that I met was so much more. I spent a month with more new best friends than I can count, and to put it simply, my worldview exploded. I don't think I will ever be able to express to my fellow delegates, or to future JASCers, what this conference can do for a kid like me that just needed that little push.”

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