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Fukushima, the third largest prefecture in Japan, faces the Ou Mountains to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east. It contains beautiful, natural areas, such as lake Inawashiro, the fourth largest lake in Japan, and Abukuma Caves. Fukushima is also home to Shiramizu Amidado, a chapel that is considered a national treasure and a village called Ouchi-juku that retains the atmosphere of a post town in the Edo period. There are many cultural heritage sites where delegates can experience the breath of history that has continued since ancient times. Moreover, the recovery process from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake marked a major historical turning point for Fukushima. The recovery from the damages caused by the tsunami and the nuclear accident helped with rapid innovations in different fields, such as: IT, smart cities, robot research, and radiation research in various parts of the prefecture. Besides experiencing Fukushima's unique culture and nature, this site will also allow us to experience Fukushima's advanced attempts in the fields of energy policy and regional development, and allow us to consider what true sustainable development is.