Japan-America Student Conference

What does JASC mean to us?

What alumni say about JASC:


What recent participants say about JASC (click the photos to read the full statements):

I have never felt so comfortable when being myself. People in JASC accept "the real me."

Yasuko Mori
Keio University
65th JASC Japanese Delegate

I spent a month with more new best friends than I can count, and to put it simply, my worldview exploded.

Dylan Adelman
Skidmore College
65th JASC American Delegate

It was surreal to watch myself grow as an individual-my confidence grew exponentially, and when JASC was over, I love the new me.

University of Maryland Baltimore County
65th JASC American Delegate

People in the JASC network have helped me refine my mission, ideologies, and professional objectives.

Ryota Sekine
University of Chicago
65th JASC American Delegate

My JASC experience showed me first-hand the importance of leadership and discovering your passion.

Paul Yarabe
Harvard University
64th JASC American Delegate
65th JASC American Executive Committee Chair