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Pramodh Ganapathy

Duke University

Hello everyone! My name is Pramodh Ganapathy, and I am currently a senior at Duke University in North Carolina. I am double majoring in Evolutionary Anthropology and Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (with a concentration in Japanese Studies) and minoring in Religion. My time outside of the classroom is split between my Senior Honors Thesis, which I am doing on the effect of vibration on bone, and dance teams. I participate in two Indian dance teams, and this year, I just joined a KPOP dance team given that I have an unhealthy love for all things KPOP.

My interest in Japan began in high school with one of the nation’s most widely disseminated and critically acclaimed works, Inuyasha. My interest grew, and I ultimately found myself studying the language in college, studying abroad in Nagoya, and most recently, participating in JASC. My experience in JASC is difficult to describe, because it really was more of an experience, or atmosphere, that I only fully recognized once the meeting was over. I made so many close friends in such a short span of time and saw so many amazing places and people thanks to this opportunity. I really hope I can give the 66th JASC delegates an experience that is as good if not better than the experience I was fortunate enough to have.

Executive Committee.