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Nobuko Masuno

University of California, Berkeley
Vice-Chair, American Executive Committee

Hi everyone! My name is Nobuko Masuno and I am currently a junior at University of California, Berkeley, studying Psychology. I was born in Japan, but I spent my childhood in California, and then went back to Japan for middle school and high school. On campus, I am a Research Assistant for the Social/Personality Psychology Program, the Publicity Coordinator for the Association of Psychology Undergraduates, and a member of the Public Relations committee of imagiCal. In my free time, I love to watch movies/movie trailers, run, and eat a lot.

My experience at the 64th JASC is definitely a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life. I did not think it was possible to make such close friends in such a short amount of time. Thanks to these people, I was able to truly be myself for the first time in a while, and I think I restored my energy (元気). I am so grateful for the 64th JASC, and I hope I can contribute to giving the delegates of the 65th JASC an even better experience.

Executive Committee.