The KASC-JASC Student Symposium is just around the corner!

Fostering U.S.-Korea-Japan Partnership for the Future on Thursday, June 6 is just around the corner! Tickets for both the panel discussion and the reception are selling out quickly- so don’t forget to RSVP in here 

The Symposium will gather student leaders of KASC and JASC and an esteemed panel of experts including, Ambassador Thomas Hubbard, Ambassador Kathleen Stephens, Glen S. Fukushima, Tami Overby, as well as representatives from U.S. Department of State. Representatives from both the Korean and Japanese Embassies have also been invited to speak.

They will discuss issues relevant to the U.S.-Korea-Japan trilateral partnership on a wide range of topics, including security cooperation, aging societies, commercial and trade relations, and job creation.

We hope to see you there!