Kyung-ri Park (KASC 2 & 3) introduced KASC in her blog

Kyung-ri Park (KASC 2&3) with 3rd Executive Committees.

Thank you Kyung-ri!

Kyung-ri Park (KASC 2 & 3) has been currently promoting KASC through her blog since 2010. Kyung-ri participated in 2nd KASC as a student at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies majoring in Business, Economics, and Management and 3rd KASC as Korean executive committee. From her blog, she is inspiring many Korean students to apply for KASC and let them know about KASC, Round Table Topics, Executive Committees, International Student Conferences, and so on.

For more information about KASC and her blog visit here 

6th KASC Promotion Video

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The 6th KASC Executive Committee created the following promotional video to better explain KASC and the upcoming 6th KASC, taking place in Korea from July 1st~July 30th.

Learn, Explore, and Lead.

Apply to the 6th KASC now!

Please visit the 6th KASC Promotion Video to watch 6th KASC Promotion Video.

More information available on applicant page and start your application in here