Double Mirror Event on Korean-American Identity

KASCers and JASCers:
Check out this event that will feature 30 Korean and Korean-American artists at the Katzen Arts Center, American University, on April 4th and 5th.
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Mina Cheon aka Ilsoon Kim, Detail from Eat Choco·Pie Together, 2014 - Double Mirror 2014 - AU Katzen Museum
Double Mirror is a mixed media and mixed genre exhibition representing a group of 30 Korean and Korean-American artists whose works share, reflect, and refract the conditions of having bi-cultural identities in the ultra modern world. These unique artists convey the cultural complexity and richness of serving two countries, Korea and America, and are regretfully under-recognized by the mainstream American art world. This exhibition explores the ways these contemporary artists have faced, challenged, changed, and re-formulated the issue of physical, mental, and virtual immigration.Important dates: April 5th Gallery talk at 5pm, Artist Reception at 6pm.

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Image: Mina Cheon aka Ilsoon Kim, Detail from Eat Choco·Pie Together, 2014. Performance installation with 10,000 pieces of Choco-Pie. Courtesy of Ethan Cohen Fine Arts
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