Reflecting on the Leadership Workshop from the 2nd Youth Career Forum

“Dream high, but be realistic; you can always change your direction,” said Ms. Inhye Kim, who opened the “Leadership in Different Stages” workshop at the 2nd KASC Youth Career Forum. Ms. Kim, along with Mr. Joon Ko and Mr. Kiwook Kim from leadership consulting firm Russell Reynolds Associates, presented a workshop that explored the skill sets needed as one moves up the career ladder in an increasingly global environment.

Mr. Ko followed Ms. Kim by giving a brief discussion of Russell Reynolds Associates, discussing the four levels of one’s career—workforce (from now to 5 years of experience), manager (6 to 10 years), director (12 to 16 years), and executive (20+ years)—and how the missions and key success factors change as one gains more working experience.

As the audience was comprised primarily of undergraduate students, the panelists knew how to give practical advice. “When you choose your first career, you must consider several factors: will I gain valuable experience? Will I be given opportunities to improve my skill set and confidence? Will I be challenged?”

Mr. Ko followed with his take on leadership components, with a particular focus on leadership competency: result orientation, collaboration and influence, people management, commercial acumen, and strategic perspective. Having the perspective of a headhunter and someone who has had years of interviewing experience was very valuable. “I believe this workshop was useful,” said KASC American Delegate Tiffany Xiong. “The panelists were realistic and honest. They kept reminding us that we had time to develop our own skills because we are young and still have a lot to learn.”

The workshop flowed into the final portion—the Q&A—as I asked the panelists how and where one learns to manage people. Other audience members had additional questions as well regarding recruitment, job interviews, personalities of great leaders, and women in leadership.

Overall, although I have attended many leadership workshops prior to the Youth Career Forum, I found “Leadership in Different Stages” to be very informative and refreshing. It was an honest and experienced perspective on skills needed to succeed in one’s career and I enjoyed every moment of the workshop.

Special thanks to Executive Committee members, Justin Simon and Jeong-bin Lee; KASC Program Manager Minjun Chen; and sponsors, Gale International and Conexia, for a great and successful 2nd KASC Youth Career Forum.

– By Christina Bui, the 7th KASC American Delegation

JASC & KASC Still Accepting Applications!

Upon their review of the many excellent applicants, the Executive Committees of JASC and KASC decided to extend the deadline on a rolling-admissions basis in order to have a more diverse delegation. They will be accepting new applicants until the delegation is full, or until March 31. Students applying for JASC who also wish to apply for the S&R Foundation Scholarship must submit all of their application materials by March 24 to be considered.


In case you haven’t heard:
The Japan-America Student Conference (JASC) is currently recruiting student delegates for the 66th Annual Conference, which will be held in the U.S. in August 2014. This student-led exchange program, initiated in 1934 by university students concerned by the breakdown of bilateral relations prior to the Second World War, JASC has evolved into a leadership training program for both Japanese and American students. Our notable alumni list includes former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and former Prime Minister of Japan Kiichi Miyazawa, This year’s conference theme is “Communicate and Connect: Pursuing Peace at the Crossroads of Culture” and will visit Des Moines, IA, San Francisco, CA, New York, NY, and Washington, D.C. Applications are currently being accepted on a rolling-admission basis until March 31st, 2014. You can learn more about the 66th JASC here:

The Korea-America Student Conference (KASC) is a student-led academic and cultural student exchange program with a focus on hands-on leadership training. Every July, 50 students equally represented from the U.S. and Korea gather for a month-long conference to discuss issues pertinent to the bilateral relationship. Together as a group, the delegation travels throughout the U.S./Korea while researching 5 specific roundtable topics and meeting with various experts. At the end of the conference, each roundtable group presents creative solutions to current bilateral issues before a panel of judges and a general audience. This year, guided by the theme “Introspection: Opportunity to Learn, Grow, and Prosper”, KASC will convene in South Korea, exploring four unique regions of the country. Applications are currently being accepted on a rolling-admission basis until March 31st, 2014. You can learn more about the 7th KASC here:

The 2nd JASC-KASC Symposium in January

On Thursday, January 30th, 2014, ISC will host the second JASC-KASC symposium-a discussion on the U.S.-Korea-Japan trilateral relationship.

The symposium will consist of two panels:
Historical Controversies and Security with Dr. Victor Cha and Dr. Mike Green and Women in Society with Chiyo Kobayashi and Florence Lee

We encourage all those interested to join alumni, the current students planning both JASC and KASC, and esteemed guests in attending the event. Click this link to RSVP through EventBrite.


7th KASC ECs: leaders not only for KASC, but for their communities

KASC would like to introduce some of the activities that 7th KASC Executive Committee is initiating. Although ECs are spread out over the country, each of them put ISC and KASC missions into practice in their communities.

Jongwoon Han attended the 24th  American Model UN Conferences held in Chicago, Illinois from November 23 to 26 for students, young professionals and faculty from the corner of the world. Jongwoon said it was “An opportunity to learn, grow, and prosper just like 7th KASC theme at the AMUN Conference!”

Jongwoon in an event

Jongwoon at the 24th American Model UN Conference in Chicago

Nae Won, the Chair of the 7th KASC, was honored to be an organizer and a speaker of the largest cultural showcase held at the Memorial Hall in University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on November 9. This year’s theme was “Flight,” because the purpose of the show was to inspire the audience to soar through barriers of life to achieve their goals, whether if it is stage fright or stereotypes. It also stood for the action of taking a journey into Asia and seeing the beauty of the different Asian cultures through creative performances.

She, as one of the executive board for UNC’s Asian Student Association, planned and conducted the cultural showcase including an introductory speech, Korea Fan Dance Fairies and a parade of flags so as to share different cultures, in line with KASC’s ultimate goals.

From left to right: Nae speaking on stage, Nae with friends, Korea Traditional Dance,  Flag Parade



KASC 7 Roundtables, Sites Announced

The KASC 7 Executive Committee

The Roundtables and Sites for the 7th KASC are now available on the KASC website!

In 2014, KASC will return to the Republic of Korea, visiting Gangwon-do, Seoul, Busan, and Jeju Island. The roundtables for the conference follow:

Business and Society: Restructuring Our Economies for Modern Times
Communication and Culture: An Emerging Multicultural Media
Politics and Security: The Past, Present and New Direction for the ROK-U.S. Alliance
Global Human Rights: Responsibility in Finding the Solutions to A Fair Society
Education: Problems of Current Education System and A New Model for Both

Interested students are encouraged to browse the site and ask questions through The application will be available online soon.