Jingu Jang (KASC 3 & 4) works as a intern at the Bain & Company

Jingu Jang (KASC 3& 4) has been working as a research assistant (RA intern) at the Bain & Company, a renowned global business consulting firm, from last February until this May. Even though the work is tough and he lacks sleep, he feels excited and motivated every single day. He believes he formed a great sense of responsibility and time management skills while preparing for the 4th KASC, and lessons from KASC helped him to be able to succeed in such a demanding job. Please wish him luck in his consulting career!

Kyle Routen (KASC 3 & 4) started a new job in Seattle

Kyle Routen (KASC 3 & 4) recently started a new job in Seattle, Washington, as an international legal assistant at AMPACC Law Group (http://www.ampacc.com/eng/). It stands for America Pacific, and it is Korean owned. It focuses on Intellectual Property, mainly patent law. A large part of the business – 80 to 85% –comes from Korean companies who want to patent their inventions in the U.S. The two biggest clients are ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) from Daejeon and HYNIX Semiconductor Inc. out of Icheon-si. Most of the patents focus on technology-based inventions, and therefore, other clients of the firm include several science-based research departments from big Korean Universities. The rest of the patent work comes from Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Germany, France, and Australia. They also have a few American clients based in the U.S. who already have their inventions patented here and work with the firm to get them legalized in those foreign countries.


Geonwoo Kang (KASC 4&5) receives Hallasan Development Fund

Mr. Geonwoo Kang, Korean Executive Committee of the 5th KASC, has recently been awarded two important scholarships: the Hallasan Development Fund (photo above) and the 2012 ETS TOEIC Scholarship.

Hallasan Co. is a local liquor company in Jeju Island. Every year, Hallasan Co. donates development funds to Jeju National University (JNU) as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. This year, as a celebration of its 60th anniversary, JNU invited the local governor, Chairman of the Council as well as former deans of JNU to the Hallasan Development Fund Award Ceremony. Mr. Geonwoo Kang was among the 10 highly selected student winners of the Hallasan Co. scholarship and received the award as the student representative of JNU.