Article Honors Betty Spaeth Denton(JASC 7)

Betty Spaeth Denton(JASC 7) was born in 1921. She went to the Mills College in Oakland, where she studied medical technology and participated in the 7th JASC in 1940.

She turned 90 this year and was featured in Bishop California’s Inyo Register. The article provides a wonderful biography of her extraordinary life!


Kunihiro Shimoji (JASC 62,63), A “Johnnie” and a JASCer

Kunihiro Shimoji represented Saint John’s University as a delegate to 62nd JASC and was elected by his peers to serve on the  63rd JASC Executive Committee.

An article on the SJU Site highlights his leadership in the conference and next steps for the future.


Yoriko Kishimoto (JASC 26) Serves on Palo Alto City Council

Yoriko Kishimoto (JASC 26) is a member of the Palo Alto City Council and also running for California state assembly.

She was born in Japan and immigrated to the U.S. during her childhood. She participated in JASC as a student at Wesleyan University and earned her MBA from Stanford University.

Learn more about her through this article and video


Paul Rockower (JASC 61)’s Photographs From Around the World

Paul Rockower (JASC 61) recently obtained his Master of Public Diplomacy degree program at the Annenberg School for Communications at the University of Southern California.

During his undergraduate years he studied in Israel, the Czech Republic and Morocco. After a three-year stint as press officer at the Israeli Consulate in Houston, Paul traveled for two years as a journalist and photographer. His travels took him from Beijing to Cairo, from Buenos Aires to Tierra del Fuego, and back up to Lima.

Check out his exhibit website and shared photos!


JASCer Kayoko Hirata (JASC 60, 61) makes headlines at Cornell University

Kayoko Hirata attended JASC 60 and served on the American Executive Committee for JASC 61. This article in the Cornell Chronicle highlights her JASC experience.

Kayako has been featured in other articles in the Cornell Daily Sun as well:

Students Make Paper Cranes To Support Japan:

One Year Later, Students, Professors Discuss Effects of Natural Disasters in Japan: