JASC Matters-JASC featured on “Japan Matters for America” Site

The East-West Center of Washington, a nonprofit organization which promotes understanding among the people and nations of the United States, Asia, and the Pacific recently featured JASC on their “Asia Matters for America” Blog.  The article describes the JASC experience in detail and shares JASC’s storied history. Kunihiro Shimoji (JASC 62, 63) was interviewed for the piece.


Dan Jodarski (JASC 62 & 63): “What Can Students Do, Anyway?”


Dan Jodarski, current program manager for JASC, was part of the executive committee for the 63rd conference. Dan blogged about his JASC experience while working as an analyst for Social Enterprises Associates. The blog post, “What Can Students Do Anyway?”, gives an encouraging account of the steps that students can take to make a difference in the world.


Courtney Kimball (JASC 63), Kunihiro Shimoji (JASC 62 & 63) in the CSB/SJU News

Courtney Kimball and Kunihiro Shimoji were featured in their school’s newspaper for their participation in JASC. They commented on what they learned from the conference and what the JASC experience was for them.

Please visit the article “Building bridges, strengthening skills” and learn more about JASC directly from these JASC alumni.





Paul Horak (JASC 62) continues to add to Academic Discussions on East Asia

Since JASC Paul Horak (JASC 62) has conducted research for the Social Security Administration (SSA) at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) in Cambridge, MA and has been serving as Vice President of Duke East Asia Nexus.

Check out his articles and insights on the East Asian Region.


Kunihiro Shimoji (JASC 62,63), A “Johnnie” and a JASCer

Kunihiro Shimoji represented Saint John’s University as a delegate to 62nd JASC and was elected by his peers to serve on the  63rd JASC Executive Committee.

An article on the SJU Site highlights his leadership in the conference and next steps for the future.