JASC Journal Summer 2016

JASC Journal

JASC is pleased to announce the release of the latest JASC Journal! Please view the journal by clicking here. This edition includes updates on the 68th conference to be held this summer, a story by the daughter of 1st JASC Delegate, greetings from new ISC intern, JASCer notes, volunteer opportunities, and more!

Please enjoy the Summer 2016 edition of the JASC Journal, and keep in touch!


JASC Summer 2014 Newsletter

The Summer 2014 edition of the JASC Journal is now available online. You can view the journal by clicking here. This edition includes latest updates about JASC 66, Alice and Sharon, JASC 65 Alumnas who are launching the 1st Taiwan-America Student Conference, greetings from the JASC Alumni Association, a message from the executive director, and your JASCer notes.

Please enjoy the Summer 2014 edition of the JASC Journal!


JASC Hosts Alumni & Supporter Reception with Glen S. Fukushima in Los Angeles

On July 22, Japan-America Student Conference (JASC) hosted a reception to celebrate the 80th anniversary with alumni, friends and supporters in Los Angeles area.  ISC Vice Chairman of the Board, Glen S. Fukushima (JASC 1970 & 71) shared his experiences at JASC, his distinguished government and business career in the U.S. and Japan. Also attended was Phil Wolfstein (JASC 1972), Will Knox (JASC  1973), Ron Ohata (JASC 1974), Shelene Atanacio (JASC 1996), and Jetting Chen (JASC 2004). The reception was also attended by several leaders from the local US-Japan community,  including California State Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi and Mr. Masahiro Suga, Acting Consul General of Japan in Los Angeles. The event was co-hosted by Japan-America Society of Southern California.


Want to reconnect with JASC and meet the current students? Attend the 80th Anniversary Weekend in San Francisco! More information and RSVP at www.regonline.com/jasc80th.

Or contact Yuuki Shinomiya at yshinomiya@iscdc.org.

ISC Joins the Global Giving Open Challenge

ISC is happy to announce that it has been nominated and accepted in Global Giving’s Open Challenge for the month of June!! Global Giving is a charity fundraising website that gives social entrepreneurs and non-profits a chance to raise funds to improve communities: they provide a transparent, simple, and tax-deductible method for donors all over the world.

In order to join, ISC must prove that it has a base of support. It must raise $5,000 from 40 unique donors this month, June 2014! Every single dollar counts- once ISC passes the Open Challenge, new donors, multiple matching donation days, as well as unique programs and benefits will be available, resulting in better funding for JASC and KASC.

Global Giving works on a project-to-project basis. ISC’s project for the Open Challenge is the 7th Korea America Student Conference (KASC). Please help ISC reach it’s goal of raising $5,000 in the month of June by donating through Global Giving at  https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/korea-america-student-conference/.

If you’d like to double your impact, consider donating on Wednesday, June 11, 2014! This day is a matching day, where Global Giving will match donations up to 15% starting at 9am until funds run out! Check out the project, tell your friends and family, and help support KASC, JASC, and ISC!!


President Obama’s Trip to Japan and Korea echos the mission of ISC

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)

President Barack Obama’s recent visits to Japan and Korea emphasize the importance of the trilateral alliance and relationship that the three countries have. Joint statements issued by President Obama and Prime Minister Abe, as well as President Obama and President Park, highlight the role of the youth in resolving past historical grievances between Korea and Japan, and in bringing the countries closer together through bridges of mutual understanding.

To this end, ISC hosted a trilateral symposium in 2013 and 2014 to bring JASC and KASC leaders together to discuss the future cooperation for the three countries. ISC is happy to play a critical part in this important dialogue and fully agrees with President Obama’s statement during a joint press conference with President Park.

“I think Prime Minister Abe recognizes, and certainly the Japanese people recognize, that the past is something that has to be recognized honestly and fairly. But I also think that it is in the interest of both Japan and the Korean people to look forward as well as backwards and to find ways in which the heartache and the pain of the past can be resolved, because, as has been said before, the interests today of the Korean and Japanese people so clearly converge. They’re both democracies. You both have thriving free markets. Both are cornerstones of a booming economic region.  Both are strong allies and friends of the United States. And so when you think about the young people of the Republic of Korea and Japan, my hope would be that we can honestly resolve some of these past tensions, but also keep our eye on the future and the possibilities of peace and prosperity for all people.” (April 25, 2014, Joint Press Conference with President Obama and President Park)

Fostering mutual understanding among American, Japanese and Korean university students as the future generation of leaders in the Asia Pacific is the mission of International Student Conferences (ISC), a non-profit organization that manages both the Korea-America Student Conference (KASC) and the Japan-America Student Conference (JASC). JASC is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year and has been recently recognized by President Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Abe as an “indispensable” exchange program for developing the U.S.-Japan alliance. KASC was launched in 2008, and will be celebrating its 8th anniversary next summer. You can read more about ISC’s Trilateral Symposiums here and here.

ISC Hosted by the Consulate General of Japan in NYC


Ambassador Kusaka welcomes the audience to his residence.

On Monday, April 14, ISC was hosted by the Consulate General of Japan in NYC at his residence in Manhattan. The gathering brought together ISC alumni, Board members, corporate supporters, and other supportive individuals for the program “Celebrating U.S.-Japan Intellectual Exchange”. The program featured opening remarks by Deputy Consul General Kengo Yoshihara (JASC 41), remarks from Ambassador Sumio Kusaka, Consul General of Japan in New  York,  a keynote speech from ISC Board of Directors Vice Chairman and Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress Glen S. Fukushima (JASC 22; 23), a short presentation on the 66th JASC from American Executive Committee Vice Chair Pramodh Ganapathy, and a toast from Professor Hugh Patrick, R.D. Calkins Professor Emeritus of International Business and Director and Founder of the Center on Japanese Economy and Business at Columbia Business School.

In addition to celebrating the 80-year history of JASC and the people-to-people connection between Japan and the U.S., Ambassador Kusaka and Mr. Fukushima both took time to talk about the current status of the U.S.-Japan partnership, noting challenges they face together regionally. They both emphasized the need for greater understanding and discussion in the region, especially among the U.S., Japan, and Korea, applauding ISC’s recent efforts in JASC-KASC Trilateral Symposiums.

Glen S. Fukushima spoke about the current U.S.-Japan relationship and his personal JASC experience.

Mr. Fukushima also spoke in detail of his experience during his JASCs, including the five things he gained from JASC: knowledge, experience, network, friendship, and of course, his wife, Sakie T. Fukushima!




Pramodh Ganapathy, AEC Vice Chair and Duke University Senior, made a moving presentation about what JASC means to him and the rest of the American Executive Committee. He brought tears and laughter of nostalgia to the eyes of the alumni in attendance by showing a video about what JASC means to the current AEC. You can watch that video here: http://iscdc.org/jasc/2014/voices/. He also shared the plans for the 66th JASC to be held in the U.S. this coming August.

After the program, guests were invited upstairs for a reception. Professor Patrick made a toast to the prosperous future of the U.S.-Japan relationship. Guests networked and enjoyed each others company, refreshments, and Japanese cuisine for the rest of the evening.

JASC will be celebrating its 80th Anniversary this summer in San Francisco! Come out for a long weekend to see all of your old friends, meet some new ones, and interact with the 66th JASC delegation! For more details and to RSVP, visit  www.regonline.com/jasc80th 

JASC Winter 2014 Newsletter


You will be receiving your copy of the Winter 2014 JASC Journal in the mail shortly, but the online edition of the JASC Journal is now available online! You can view the journal by clicking here. This edition includes a profile of Florence Maher, a JASC 57 & KASC 1 alumna who is now working as a Foreign Service Officer, a letter from the American Executive Committee Chair of JASC 66, an invitation JASC’s 80th Anniversary Weekend in San Francisco, a short report on ISC’s recent Trilateral Symposium, and your JASCer notes.

Enjoy the Winter 2014 edition of the JASC Journal, and expect the Spring edition soon!

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JASC Summer 2013 Newsletter

The Summer 2013 edition of the JASC Journal is now available online. You can view the journal by clicking here. A print version of the journal will soon be mailed. Please email jasc@iscdc.org to update your mailing address if you have a new address and still wish to receive the journal.

Enjoy the Summer 2013 edition of the JASC Journal!


Asia Society Hosts, “An Asian American Triumph: From Internment Camps to Reparations”

On Thursday, June 20th, Asia Society hosted an extraordinary event titled, “An Asian American Triumph: From Internment Camps to Reparations.” As one of the event’s outreach partners, International Student Conferences was invited to attend. Yuuki Shinomiya, Executive Director of ISC was joined by Jenny Kai, KASC 3 (2010), and Rachel Horton, JASC 63 & 64 (2011 & 2012), in representing both conferences and engaging in discussion afterwards. A few other JASCers  were also in attendance, most notably, Ambassador and Consul-General of Japan in New York, Shigeki Hiroki, JASC 28 & 29 (1976 & 1977), and Consul Kengo Yoshihara, JASC 41 (1989).

The event was both informative as well as inspiring. Ambassador Hiroki and Nicholas Platt, Asia Society President Emeritus, introduced the speakers and significance of the event. Fred Katayama, the moderator of the event, told his father’s story of internment in the United States during World War II. After he spoke, he welcomed Grant Ujifusa, Redress Strategy Chair of the Japanese American Citizens League, and then Tom Kean, former Governor of New Jersey, to share their personal stories of President Ronald Reagan reversing his opposition to the Japanese American redress bill and eventually signing the HR 442 on August 10, 1988.  The event continued with questions and answers that added even more to the history surrounding the redress and how we can use what happened in the past as a way to pave a future of less suffering and segregation. By signing the HR 442, President Ronald Reagan showed the United States that justice being served and the reparations paid to those interned were more important than the fiscal budget.

Although the history of Japanese Americans interned during WWII is not taught in all schools across the United States, it is a shameful part of the nation’s history and a lesson that should be imparted so as to never be repeated. JASC has always made efforts to educate young leaders from the US and Japan about Japanese American community’s history and contributions to the American society.

For further reading:

This article was written by Rachel Horton, alumna of JASC 63 & 64 (2011 & 2012).


Akira Tana and Otonowa complete tour of Japan to benefit Tohoku Region

Renowned jazz musician Akira Tana, JASC 25 (1973), and his group Otonowa have completed a tour of Japan playing music from their new album to benefit the Tohoku region. Video excerpts from the tour follow.

The CD is still available and 25% of the sales are going to relief efforts in the Tohoku region. To purchase the album visit the Otonowa website, http://www.otonowa-usa.com/. More information about Akira Tana and his involvement in JASC is available in this previous post.