JASC 68 – Greetings from the American Chair

Hello everyone! My name is Danny Jeon, and I am currently a junior studying International Studies and East Asian Studies at Johns Hopkins University. I have participated in the 67th Japan American Student Conference (JASC) as an American delegate during the summer of 2015, and I will be serving as the Chair of American Executive Committee (AEC) for the upcoming 68th JASC.

As I reflect upon the 67th JASC, I realized how valuable my experiences were. If it were not for JASC, I would not have had the chance to fully understand the dynamics and importance of US Japan alliance, or an opportunity to foster invaluable and everlasting friendships across the Pacific. As both Prime Minister Abe and President Obama have referred JASC as an “indispensable” bilateral exchange program, it is such an honor to serve as the AEC Chair for the 68th JASC to advance the spirit and legacy that has continued since 1934.

The year 2015 was a year of reflecting the past: it marked the 70th Anniversary of the dropping of atomic bomb at Hiroshima, as well as the end of World War II in the Pacific. With the theme, “Coming Together to Confront Past, Present, and Future,” 67th JASC led the delegates to reflect upon the past to embrace the present and future that Japan and US faces. With the year 2015 coming to an end, the members of Executive Committee and I wanted to shift the attention to discussing and shaping the rapidly changing future, a future that both US and Japan must cooperatively envision. With this in mind, we are proud to present the theme of 68th JASC, “Addressing Our Changing Future from Self and Community to the World.”

We hope that with this theme, the delegates of 68th JASC will have the chance to discover, develop, and share his or her outlooks on the future in the context of US-Japan relations. Through this interaction, we aim to create 68th JASC as an effective forum to not only as an opportunity to learn, but also as a means to formulate the concept of “self and community” that can imagine and envision a better future for our world.

Before anything else, I would like to first introduce the members of Executive Committee for the 68th JASC. First for the American Executive Committee Members: Johanna Gunawan (Northeastern University), Jason Yang (UC Berkeley), Teresa Anselmo (UC Berkeley), Yuki Naruoka (UC San Diego), Hanae Miyake (Smith College), Sabrina Ruiz (Wellesley College), and Robert Duanmu (Cornell University. On the Japanese side, we have Kei Otani (University of Tokyo), Takuya Shiraishi (Waseda University), Kara Sugimoto (Keio University), Kotaro Sawa (Okayama University), Tomoa Nozawa (Osaka University), Emi Kawashima (Tsukuba University), and Natsuka Hagiwara (Tokai University). Our dedicated Executive Committee members are working countless hours to successfully organize the Conference.

The official 68th JASC program will run from August 3rd to August 24th. The sites for this year include, Boston, Washington DC, Montana, and San Francisco. We have selected these four sites to effectively convey the holistic experience of what America is to both Japanese and American delegates.  At these unique sites, the 68th Roundtable Discussion, which is a crucial academic and learning component of JASC, will be covering the following topics: The Future of Education and Cyberspace Usage, Democracy and Ideal Governance, Globalization and Economic Development, Science and the Future, Identity: Nation and Self, Cultural Shifts in the Modernizing World, and Law, Society, and our Changing Future. We believe that all of these topics are integral to not only US-Japan relations, but for the world that is experiencing rapid changes. The delegates will have the opportunity to engage enriching academic discussions through intense roundtable discussions led by each American and Japanese coordinator.

With the 68th JASC outlined, I strongly encourage all of you to apply for the 2016 JASC. We are confident that by participating in JASC, you will carry on the legacy and spirit of JASC to acquire enriching experiences, obtain unforgettable memories, and create valuable friendships that span across the Pacific.

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