JASC 67 Day 19— August 19, 2015 by Jackie Barr


My name is Jacqueline Barr and I am a recent graduate from Syracuse University and a member of the Media in the 21st Century Round Table.

Today we attended an event hosted by Deputy Chief of Mission Jason Hyland at his residence in Tokyo.  Hyland and aother members of the American Embassy team residing in Japan greeted us. The event was a joint reception between the JKSF (Japan-Korea Student Forum) and JASC. The JKSF conference has a similar premise to JASC, but with Korean students in lieu of Americans.  It was fascinating to hear how the Korean students felt that their culture differed from Japan. It was also comforting to learn that their conference members experienced some of the same issues that I experienced in my own round table discussions and  used similar clarification and translation methods to resolve these issues.

The rest of the day was focused on our final presentation which we will be presenting tomorrow. I am very proud of how far my round table come and how much we have grown together through both understanding and disagreement. I can’t wait to present tomorrow and pitch a project that is the culmination of the last three weeks of work.


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