JASC 67 Day 1— July 30, 2015 by Caitlin Hoppel

I hopped off the plane at L.A.X. with a dream and a cardigan…

Hi everyone! My name is Caitlin Hoppel. I am a rising junior marketing major at Villanova University and an American delegate of the Power and Responsibility in the Business World RT. I am incredibly excited to be a part of the 67th JASC and cannot wait to see what these next few weeks hold!

The first day of JASC was a whirlwind of smiling new faces and never-ending introductions. Just yesterday afternoon, the American delegates met at the Tom Bradley International terminal. As the delegates slowly filtered into the small seating area, we passed the time sharing stories and getting to know each other. Nothing says bonding like sitting on a linoleum floor for three hours! But truthfully, it was wonderful meeting everyone and winding down after a long flight. Although we were caught in LA traffic, the bus ride to Cal Poly Pomona was another opportunity to find out more about each other.

After a much anticipated bento box dinner (for the record, I’m awful with chopsticks), we all gathered together to break the ice. Now usually icebreakers make participants want to crawl and hide, but this group was different. JASC is different. Everyone here is so warm and welcoming, and by the end of the exercises many of us already felt like old friends. Personally, my favorite activity was two truths and a lie; I love listening to all the incredible experiences and stories the American delegates have to share. Although I have not been here 24 hours, I know that this conference is going to be absolutely life-changing. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing and open-minded people. The 67th Japan-America Student Conference is certainly going to be one for the books! Stay tuned!

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