Remembering Trilateral Symposium(by Ji Yeon Rho, 8th KASC Recruitment Chair)

I had a hard time transforming into words the feelings we went through over the past couple of days. On the last night of our journey, we finally found time to sit down and calmly go over what we’ve done throughout Trilateral Symposium. Our reflection was hard to describe in just a few words. There were unexplainable tears, laughter, regrets, irresistible passion and mostly thankfulness.

First, I would like to thank JASCers who welcomed us warmly. The conference was only for three days. We didn’t have enough time to know each other in a personal manner. Even so, I believe we all felt the same thing. We were strangers, yet not strangers because KASC ECs were another version of JASC ECs. We didn’t know each other but at the same time we knew each other in a sense there was no wall between us from the start. We were eager to know more about each other. We were different, yet the same in the sense that we had the same goal of improving our own conference, knowing the responsibility of being leaders and having the passion to devote ourselves fully in the roundtable discussions. The mindset that we are accepting our differences as they are by sharing the common grounds as being the leader of each community made us overcome time constraints, the possibility of lacking emotional exchange on personal level and mostly different perspectives on our roundtable topics. So thank you to all the JASCers for having receptive attitude and letting us feel immediate bonding even within three days. 

Secondly, thank you to all the KASC ECs. We all know these past few months have been a downhill road for us. We were getting tired, losing our passion and radiant expectations we had at the start of our journey. I now know how important it is to be next to those who are running with me when they need me, so thank you to everyone for keeping up even though it must have been hard for all of you to keep only yourselves up. And thank you to those who pushed themselves through to break their personal limits. I would like to especially recognize one of our Korean Executive Committee members, Soyoung, who was an introvert during our summer conference. I never saw her speak in front of an audience. However, in this conference, she has given us courage and another motivation by throwing herself wholly into most of the lectures and networking times.

Thirdly, special thanks to our leaders of the leaders, Hannah Jun, Jumpei Matsui, Tiffany Xiong, and Hannah Koh. It was because of their lack of sleep, stress from preparation even before the actual symposium, dedication toward KASC and JASC, and most of all, sincere caring for each and every one of our ECs that enabled us to achieve the best result from our short schedule. I just want to tell them, “Believe in your leadership and decisions, because we believe in you”

Finally, I would like to express my utmost appreciation to all the people who worked behind the scenes to make Trilateral Symposium successful. All the supporters of KASC and JASC, including panelists, lecturers, our board of directors, and sponsors—thank you so much for providing this wonderful experience. Also, Minjun, Chelsea and especially Yuuki—thank you for molding this experience into memories that we will keep for the rest of our KASC journey. I believe Trilateral Symposium will be remembered as a crucial turning point for KASC as a new-born program. We drew out the model for KASC, recharged our motivation for the next half of our marathon, broke through personal limits as leaders of the next KASC and, mostly, felt from bottom of our heart the mission of ISC to promote peace by furthering mutual understanding, friendship and trust through international student interchange.

 – Ji Yeon Rho, Korean Executive Committee Recruitment Chair for 8th KASC-

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