Trilateral Symposium Day3 (by Joongil Son, 8th Korean Executive Committee)


It has been 2 days since JASC and KASC executive committee members met to start Trilateral Symposium. Today, my roundtable, Security Alliance and Historical Controversies, picked the best topic among the 5 topics related that we have discussed since arriving at Georgetown University. Even though we read many articles about the U.S., ROK, and Japan relations before coming to Washington D.C, it was hard to choose a specific topic that we can work together equality. We decided choosing topic that how and what we are going to focus of for three countries in the future and how to harmonize between three countries.
Frank Jannuzi, CEO of Mansfield Foundation, came and gave us a lecture today about U.S. foreign policy in East-Asia. He has a lot of experienced in East-Asia policy. Jannuzi is an international affairs political expert who served under Chairman John Kerry as Policy Director for East Asian and Pacific Affairs for the Democratic staff of the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Through Jannuzi insight, our roundtable gain some ideas on our topic, what to research, consider security alliance and policy, and the economy structure. During roundtable, professor Nishino Junya and Professor Andrew Oros, who specialize in relations between the U.S, Japan and Korea, joined our roundtable and shared their thoughts on our roundtable’s topic. I appreciated the professors for coming in during our roundtable to share their knowledge and for being panelists at final forum.
In the evening we were invited to Republic of Korea Ambassador’s Residence. It was great honor to meet Ambassador Ahn and the ISC board members. I am very thankful to meet with student leaders from Korea, Japan, and the United States at symposium. They were all amazing students and I learned so much from them. It was great getting to know each other.

                                   — JoongIl Son, 8th KASC Korean Executive Committee


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