First Day of the 3rd JASC- KASC Trilateral Symposium

The first day of the trilateral symposium reminded me of the 7th Korea-America Student Conference last summer. However, it was much more cohesive and fulfilling experience in terms of academic and professional growth. Starting with a brief self-introduction game, which helped us break the ice, we had a highly informative lecture on leadership from Lieutenant Dianna Dietrich, U.S. Navy. Especially, her professional advice on peer leadership suggested us, who work with peers to run a month-long student conference, practical guideline for how to reduce unproductive and unprofessional behaviors and improve the working environment. After her impressive lecture, we had roundtable discussion and a special speaker, Dr. Bertrand Renaud from International Consultant was invited to Urban Challenges and Its Future Roundtable discussion.

Jiehwan Yang, one of the roundtable members of Urban Challenges Its Future, said, “Although I didn’t know much about issues related to Urban Challenges, I could look at the issues from a boarder perspective because he brought us various knowledge and information. After the discussion session with DR. Renaud I could know the issues out.”

Even though the official schedule was over at 6pm, each roundtable continued their roundtable discussion enthusiastically and proactively, thinking about what the roles of Korea, Japan, and the United States were and how the trilateral relationship could help solve problems regarding their roundtable topics.


 – Hannah Koh, the Korean Executive Committee Chair, 8th KASC


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