Final Day of Trilateral Symposium (by Yna Divinagracia, 8th KASC Executive Committee)

Trilateral Symposium came and went unapologetically, leaving us ECs exhausted and consumed with the weight of our positions as student leaders. But more importantly, Trilateral Symposium left us reflective.

Thursday morning began sharply at 6:30 AM with bagels, cream cheese, and no time for complaints. We were hauled by Uber to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, where the culmination of our week was being held. Presentations were still being memorized, speeches were being written, and it was a criminal 12 degrees Fahrenheit in DC.

But despite the stress and lack of sleep, the response to our presentations was overwhelmingly positive. We received praise and comments from all our panelists, and I was told several times while networking how amazing this opportunity we had was. Even Yuuki Shinomiya, the executive director of ISC, described us as “phenomenal.”

We successfully went through a month’s worth of research and hard work within three to four days, and suddenly last July seemed so long ago. Transitioning from delegate to EC has been a process—an admittedly long and strenuous one. But the level of confidence and leadership I saw in that single day was once unfathomable to me.

I still remember my first conversation with 8th KASC American Executive Chair, Tiffany Xiong, back in late June. We were waiting together with other 7th KASCers on our first day of American Orientation. Our ECs were stuck in LA traffic, and I was senselessly hoping I still remembered which social formula to use when making friends.

But I specifically remember Tiffany sharing what expectations she had for our coming month. She mentioned to me how one of her friends had once participated in a weekend long conference and essentially came back a new person, and pensively, she turned to me and said, “I can’t even imagine how much we might change this month.”

Yet here we are, almost half a year later, changed people with new close friends. I’m inexplicably proud of how we’ve grown together within this time as KASC ECs and within this one week with the JASC ECs.

Trilateral symposium, like our upcoming summer conferences, was only possible because it was supported by a unit. So I’d like to share thank-yous to our panelists, lecturers, and special guests, to our board of directors and sponsors, to all of the JASC and KASC ECs, to Mijun, Chelsea, and most especially, to Yuuki. Thank you for being a part of this week. It has been a pleasure.

Good luck this summer, everyone!

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