Trilateral Symposium Day3 (by Luis Montaño Michel, 67th Japanese Executive Committee)

Hi my name is Luis Montaño Michel, one of the eight JEC members for the 67th Japan and America Student Conference, part of the Historical Issue & Security Alliance Roundtable. Today we spent most of our time preparing for the roundtable presentations, which will be held tomorrow. When I was a delegate of the 66th JASC we had almost one month to discuss and prepare for the final presentation, but now we have only days. We need to do the whole process within three days, and efficiency is required in the whole process.

Honestly, I was anxious about how I can commit to my roundtable, because I am neither good at historical issues nor security alliances. In addition, my English is really bad. I wish I could write the blog post in Japanese.

However, we are now well prepared thanks to the cooperation of the RT members. I was impressed that we were able to include everyone’s opinion in the power points, without rejecting anyone’s opinion. Of course we had to choose which topics we should discuss and which opinions we need to present to the audience, but the most important part was that we could manage our discussions in a democratic way. I believe that we can achieve more by having discussions democratically rather than in a dictatorial way.

I am very glad to see that democracy still works in Washington D.C.

—Luis Montaño Michel, 67th JASC Japanese Executive Committee


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