Trilateral Symposium — Day 2 (Hannah Jun, Chair of AEC of JASC)

I won’t lie, Trilateral Symposium has been a little surreal. It’s been around five months since the end of the 66th Japan America Student Conference in Washington D.C. It was stuffy in August when we had said our tearful goodbyes to one another. But then just in the blink of an eye, we are back reunited joyfully in D.C. The sun is bright, reflecting off the fresh snow and chilly to the bone. It is surreal to be in a round table again discussing other captivating diverting issues again about US-Japan-Korea relations. It allowed me to realize that this is the last time I would be acting in the delegate capacity and to really enjoy it. Today the Urban Futures and its Challenges roundtable made a lot of headway finalizing the broad theme of our topic. We delved deeply into the idea of the city, and who it is for. Is it for the residents? Is it for the companies? Is it for the tourists? In addition to these almost philosophical questions, the delegates from both conference have shared their own personal experiences as city dwellers from cities all over the world.

After much RT discussion, Frank Jannuzzi, President of the Mansfield Foundation came to visit us for lunch and gave an amazing lecture on US foreign policy in Asia. Mr. Jannuzzi is an extremely thoughtful, personable, and dynamic speaker. I was really blown away by his depth of knowledge but even more so by his frankness in discussing these matters with us.

In the evening, we made our way to the Korean ambassador’s residence in Washington D.C. The ambassador made us feel right at home with his warm comments and easy going attitude. At the dinner I was fortunate enough to have a range of conversations with different individuals such as Paul Yoon from the Council of Korean Americans to Retired Ambassador Hubbard.  All these amazing events made me extremely grateful to be a part of the JASC community and extremely excited to lead the 67th Japan America Student Conference next August.

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