2nd Day of Trilateral

Hi my name is Lenny Dong, one of the five AEC for the 7th Korea and America student conference, part of the Immigration Roundtable. Today we had the honor or having the president of the Mansfield Foundation, Frank Jannuzi to speak to us today. Frank spoke about many different current events today, what I thought was the perhaps the most interesting was his perspective on the historical disputes that are still very controversial between Korea and Japan. As time moves on, these disputes become more acute as to more irrelevant, as counterintuitive that may seem. Frank sees this trend to be driven by political interests rather than genuine hatred towards each others countries – the political parties utilize this sensitive topic to rally the support of the public. As opposed to addressing the problem directly, Frank thinks that the best way to approach this issue is to create common causes that both Korea and Japan can work towards, which would in turn help both countries to get over the historical disputes that they are so caught up on. Frank was an amazing speaker, and I cannot wait to meet other speakers like him during trilateral and the future 8th KASC

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