Trilateral Symposium – Takeshi Hidaka (AEC Vice-Chair)

It’s amazing how quickly you can get accustomed to your surrounding environment. Although it’s only been a day since we arrived in DC and enjoyed a reunion with our fellow JASCers for the first time after the end of the conference, I already find myself taking it for granted how I get to hang out and have discussions with other JASCers in person, rather than over Skype. It feels as though no time has passed since we said bye to each other in late August.

We got started with our RT discussions today, and Urban Future and Its Challenges Roundtable met with Dr. Bertrand Renaud, an expert on urban development issues and real estate finance. Feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of information presented at the table, I remembered how I struggled as a delegate to keep up with RT discussions during JASC. Sleep deprivation, frustration of feeling stuck in discussion, and pressure to come up with a presentation in a limited amount of time… it was just like JASC all over again. But at the same time, there was something different about the mindset I had this time. After having gone through an intense month-long discussion during JASC and given a successful presentation at the final forum, I was feeling somewhat more optimistic. Even though I may be feeling lost and confused right now, we will be able to make progress as long as we keep at it (fingers crossed that it will actually work out. I suppose we will find out at the symposium on Thursday). After 66th JASC ended, I wondered how I would be able to maintain what I learned during JASC. The trilateral symposium has provided me an opportunity to see my growth since the end of the conference, and it has been reassuring to learn that my JASC experience still continues to impact me.

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