Trilateral Symposium Day 1 (by Lisa Kanai, 67th American Executive Committee)

After the reunion with fellow JASC ECs and an introduction to KASC ECs last night, I feel that we were able to quickly form a strong bond with each other. The connection was partially due to the weekly meetings that the ECs have been conducting for the last five months, as well as some ice break activities we did after breakfast today, but mostly because of the shared character amongst us: the passion to strive for trilateral understanding, and curiosity to learn from each other.

Most of the day was spent on roundtable discussions, and our immigration roundtable discussed and narrowed immigration issues that pertain to the three countries. We decided to focus on the legal and social issues immigrant children face today in each countries. Although I do not have an academic background on immigration, I consciously contributed my views, experiences, and knowledge to the group. During the 66th JASC, I became aware of my tendency to sit back and listen to others. Although my preference to be a flexible and patient member worked out well with the team dynamics of our RT in the past conference, I wished to become a more confident, active contributor in the group. The connections we had developed with each other enabled myself to reach out of my comfort zone that I was never quite able to cross during the 66th JASC. I consider this a huge accomplishment, a great confidence builder, and a promising start to the symposium and 67th JASC. As our guest speaker Lieutenant Dianna Dietrich noted, being a peer leader requires passion, confidence, and humility among many other traits—and I believe our RT discussions and team building for symposium create an effective and exciting package that deepens trilateral understanding and prepare us for the conference this summer.

—Lisa Kanai, 67th JASC American Executive Committee

Immigration Roundtable members for the Trilateral Symposium

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